Your rights during the sale and more UK loans

Every now and then shopping madness overwhelms us. Whether on Black Friday or during summer or winter sales. Shops tempt with discounts.

Sometimes, we will make an unreasonable decision. We will buy something defective or something that we do not quite need. What are our rights then?

Discount hunting is what many of us like the most


We often stop shopping until the sale. Goods can then be discounted by several dozen percent. Above all, however, remember that this does not mean that you should buy something just because it is cheaper.

In the end, even overpriced goods, however, will deplete our wallet. So let’s always make a cold decision and think about whether we really need something. It is not worth spending a significant part of the payout on something that then lies in the closet.

Returns in stationary stores


If we bought something in a stationary store and after cooling down, we decided that we do not need it, unfortunately, but British law does not protect us. There is no such thing as returning undamaged goods. However, the fact that sellers do not have such an obligation does not mean that they do not offer such an opportunity. Many stores allow you to return goods based on your own regulations. This means that in different places, the situation will look different. Therefore, it is always worth finding out at the checkout what the regulations of a given store are.

What if a discount was applied to the goods?

If a store or boutique accepts returns, this can usually be done within a certain period of time. For example, a week or a month. Remember, however, that discounted goods may have different rules. For example, it may be that they are not refundable.

On the other hand, e.g. in the pre-Christmas period, the payback period may be extended. Regardless of everything, you must always have proof of purchase. Keep receipts for this purpose.

You never know when they will be useful to you. The store may also include proof of transaction with your payment card. You will not always get a refund. For example, sometimes you can get the option of exchanging goods for another.

See what to do if a product is defective


The situation is different when the purchased product is defective. Then British law is fully on your side. You are always entitled to a refund, unless the seller has clearly warned you that the product is defective. Then the situation is clear, you knew what you were buying. The same if the fault was the reason for the discount. Of course, in this situation you are not entitled to a refund. Every seller in the UK is subject to the Consumer Rights Act, regardless of whether the product is on sale or has been sold at a regular price.

So if you bought a product that turned out to be defective, contact the seller within 30 days. He is then obliged to accept the item and return the money to you. Of course you must give it back to him first. If you have delayed more than 30 days, you do not lose your rights. Then, however, the store does not have to pay you back. However, he can suggest repair or replace the defective one with a full-fledged one.

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