About personal finance, loans and money

This is an article on personal finance, loans and money for anyone who might need some financial tips and advice. Let’s start by asking some questions:

Can you manage your personal finances?

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Many Norwegians today do not have as much knowledge in managing their personal finances. A quick advice to do something about this is to start reading newspapers (or online newspapers) about things like real wages, inflation, the dangers of consumer loans and that banks can be a few vultures when it comes to fees…

If you want to be sure no one else can control your finances, knowledge is one of the tools that can help you. We will give you knowledge and advice on personal finance. Knowledge about borrowing money is just one of many things that can help you make some of life’s hard decisions when it comes to money.

Should You Borrow Money?

What should you be aware of when taking out a loan ? How can it best pay for loan money and what type of loan is best? What does it cost to get a loan? What is the interest rate? Can I repay my loan early? Is consumer loan the best solution or should I get another loan in my bank?

Loan money – it’s simple, but not always a good idea. Should You Save Money? Savings – it must be in the bank? In bonds? Or in stocks? What about gold and commodities? Where can I find savings advice and what should I consider? Why am I slowing down the growth of society when I save money?

Savings… it’s not that easy, but it can be a good idea! Are you ready to juggle your money? What does your economy look like in the future with today’s costs?

We can give you many good answers to such questions. We recommend that you enter your e-mail address below for financial advice.

We will try to explain difficult financial concepts to you in a simple and easy way so that everyone can understand them. We write about news about your personal finances. We develop tools to help you manage your daily finances. We try to be honest, so you know what’s up and down on various financial products.

Personal finances and borrowing money can be easy

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We want to help you figure out what is “best” for your personal finances. Maybe it’s best to save money for a while or maybe just slow down on consumption?

Just as you can feel on an engine in a car when it is ready to change to a higher gear, you can learn to make sense when your personal finances are ready for a higher gear and a little more speed. Conversely, you can also learn to make sense when there are sharp turns in the financial path, which requires quick action on your part. You can learn to understand the economy here today.

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